Takara Tomy DA-80 Big Powered GV (Verse Caliber Ver.)
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item will be released in December 2021
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Product Description
Other figures, vehicles, and accessories not included.
The Big Powered GV (Verse Calibur) is a state-of-the-art combat machine that was built to be the key to the suppression tactics of the Waldaros (Gigantor), a super-dreadnought invasion mecha that raged throughout the Zone.
While retaining the multi-role capabilities of the Big Powered series, the machine has been designed to work in tandem with the current mainstay combat system, the interchangeable Multi-Purpose Combat System (VERS), to allow for more flexible operations.
In addition, in order to enable rigid destructive suppression maneuvers based mainly on full-contact close combat, which was considered the most effective and difficult to achieve tactic in the battle against Waldaros [Gigantor], the main frame of the aircraft employs a particle- controlled variable mass alloy that allows the total mass of the aircraft to be freely varied from light to super heavy, and the total driving force of each part of the aircraft is controlled by a particle control system.


DA-80 Big Powered GV figure
2 Arm units
2 Leg units
Flight unit
Bullet Core A
Bullet Core B
Battle Command Vehicle
V-Mover body
2 A-weapons
8 B-weapons
2 A-joint parts
2 B-joint parts
5 Diaclone member figures
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Takara Tomy DA-80 Big Powered GV (Verse Caliber Ver.) Japan version