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Digimon Pendulum Z II Japan version

Digimon Pendulum Z II Japan version

Digimon Pendulum Z II
brand new, 100% Japan version

in stock, ready to ship
Premium bandai exclusive item, limited numbers available.
Our products are 100% genuine, item will be shipped from Tokyo, the fastest delivery service from Japan to worldwide, please purchase it with confidence.
Three Digivice virtual pets featuring Digimon from the Wind Guardians, Metal Empire, and Vi Busters series. There will be over one hundred Digimon available to raise in the Pendulum Z Digivices. Please let us know which device would you like to take after the order is placed.
Connecting Digimon Pendulum Z II series Digivices will also allow you to unlock specific Digivolutions. This includes evolution routes for Patamon, V-mon, Hawkmon, Gabumon Bond of Courage, and more. You will be able to unlock these routes through specific links obtained with the Pendulum Z. It builds upon the original Digimon Pendulum Z, and new characters include Manticoremon, Tropiamon, Parasaurmon, Baluchimon, Poomumon, Junkmon, Machmon, Rebellimon, and Entomon.
Pendulum training also returns with the Pendulum Z II series. This includes the Jogress and Battle features, which can help you not only evolve your Digimon, but to test their strength in virtual fights.
LUNA PARK would like to thank you for your business in advance!
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