Bandai S.H.Figuarts Iron Man TECH-ON AVENGERS

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item will be released in December 2021




New Avengers presented by a collaboration between Marvel Comics and TAMASHII NATIONS.



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First of all, before installing the new equipment "DH-10", here is the Iron Man form with a familiar silhouette. The basic image such as coloring is Iron Man itself, but the feature is that the design premised on S.H.Figuarts is devised by Mr. Eiichi Shimizu, a manga artist who has created numerous heroes.


The parts composition and details are emphasized, giving a particularly mechanical impression even with the many variations of Iron Man. The red and gold of his body are expressed with a metallic texture, and the legs are made of die-cast material. It is a must-see to approach the "new Iron Man image" from the three elements of appearance, texture, and material.



Utilizing the know-how cultivated by S.H.Figuarts and various toy brands, the wide range of movement is created by an approach different from the MCU series on sale. It is possible to reproduce the stance that can be said to be synonymous with Iron Man, which lands with the fist, one knee, and the soles of both feet on the ground, and the flight scene using the repulsor clear effect parts that correspond to the palm and sole of the foot. Let's enjoy endless action by utilizing the attached pedestal.



With Iron Man's "DH-10" mode, which is also a feature of the new powered suit. It looks like it is equipped with a "large backpack" and "cannon parts for the forearm"!

In the comic, it is set as a mode that releases energy at once and exerts explosive power. Of course, the Iron Man in this state is also designed by Eiichi Shimizu, and a new style with a profound and solid feeling has been completed.

The "DH-10" mode is set individually for each suit, so please look forward to seeing what the heroes who are planning to develop in the future will show off.




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Bandai S.H.Figuarts Iron Man TECH-ON AVENGERS Japan version