HI-METAL R Dragonar 1 Custom
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The culmination of 80's real robots! From "Metal Armor Dragonar", the latter half of the main character mecha "Dragner 1 Custom" has appeared in a completely new modeling that incorporates a new interpretation!


Metal Armor Dragonar 1 Custom is now available as the latest model in the 2020s with a completely new model, the HI-METAL R. The characteristic "frame structure" is reproduced with hatch open gimmicks in various places.




■ Product Specifications

Height: about 170mm
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast




■ Set Contents

Main figure
・ Replacement wrist left and right each five
・ Hand rail gun
・ Super hybrid shield
・ Slow in bomb x 2
・ Shoulder bomb
・ 4 dual missile pods x 2
・ Laser Sword × 2
・ Laser sword (connection)
・ Laser sword blade x 2
・ Spare magazine x 4
・ Assault knife × 2
・ Shield fixed latch
・ Slow-in bomb fixed latch

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HI-METAL R Dragonar 1 Custom Japan version