PlayStation 4 Resident Evil Village Z Version Collector's Edition
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[Free benefits] Product code for the main part of the online battle content "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE"


● * "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE" is an online-only game. To enjoy online multiplayer, you need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus (paid).

* We will inform you in advance about the service start time and end time on the following official website.

* Please note that the service may have already ended depending on the time of purchase.

* "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE" may be provided by another method in the future.

* A leaflet with the product code printed will be included in the package version. The product code will become invalid when the service of "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE" ends.

* If you purchase the PlayStation 5 version of "BIOHAZARD VILLAGE" or "BIOHAZARD VILLAGE Z Version", the PlayStation 4 version of "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE" will be provided.



[Limited number of benefits (free)]

Product code to get the weapon parts "Raccoon-kun" and "Survival Resource Pack"

* The package version will include a leaflet with the product code (expiration date: until May 9, 2022 (Monday)) printed on it.

* Limited quantity benefits may be available separately at a later date. Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice. The number is limited. Please note.

* Each product code can be used only once. In addition, a connection environment to the PlayStation Network is required to obtain the content.




[Bundled contents]

① PlayStation 4 "BIOHAZARD VILLAGE Z Version"

(Free privilege: Product code of the main part of the online battle content "BIOHAZARD RE: VERSE",

Limited number of benefits (free): Includes product code to get weapon parts "Raccoon-kun" and "Survival Resource Pack")

② "Trauma pack" product code

(Product code deadline: Until Thursday, September 30, 2021)

The "Trauma Pack" contains the following content:

・ Samurai Edge <A.W. Model 01>

・ Screen filter "BIOHAZARD 7 Found Footage"

・ Save point "BIOHAZARD 7 tape recorder"

・ Safe room BGM "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"

・ Weapon parts "Mr. Everywhere"

・ Release of the highest difficulty level "Village of Shadows"

・ Special art "The Tragedy of Ethan Winters"

③ Chris Redfield figure

(Product material: PVC, ABS, iron, size: body height approx. 315 mm, pedestal height approx. 30 mm, diameter approx. 200 mm, colored)

④ Art Book

(Size: width 210 mm, length 297 mm, text 64 pages, soft cover)

⑤ Reversible Poster

(Product material: Polyester, Size: Approximately 728 mm wide, 515 mm long, double-sided printing)

⑥ Steel Book (R)

(Product material: body tin inner case polypropylene, size: width approx. 135 mm, length approx. 170 mm)






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PlayStation 4 Resident Evil Village Z Version Collector's Edition Japan version