Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo Go
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Three machines are transformed and combined into three types of robots! Change Getter Go !!

Reproduce the transcendental gimmick of "Getter Robo Go", in which 3 machines transform and combine into 3 forms of Robo, with the Soul of Chogokin This is exactly the "21st Century Toy (21st Century Toy)"!




■ Product Specifications

Height: about 180mm
Material: die-cast, ABS, made of PVC




■ Set Contents

・ Getter Robo (Getters 1 to 3 are combined)
・ Tomahawk
・ Leg blade x 2
・ String
・ String grip
・ Harpun Cannon x 2
・ Great Hammer
・ Replacement wrist / grip, flat hand, tomahawk holding hand, saucer holding hand (each left and right)
・ Support parts for Go x 2
・ Replacement wrist / grip for sho, open hand, holding hand for string (each left hand only)
・ Replacement wrist / grip for weapons, hand for holding weapons, flat hand (each left and right)
・ Support parts for sword A x 2
・ Replacement head for sword
・ Stand
・ Catapult parts for Getter 1
・ Catapult parts for Getter 2
・ Catapult parts for Getter 3
・ A set of support columns for Getter Robo
・ Getter Sho support

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Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo Go Japan version