Takara Tomy Transformers Premium Finish PF SS-01 Bumblebee
brand new, 100% Japan version
item will be released in October 2021
A new series "Premium Finish" based on a Japanese original project is now available!
The lineup is selected from the popular studio series and WFC series, and by finishing with Japan's original coloring / weathering painting, it is the birth of a new ultimate series that looks like a Hollywood live-action movie or NETFLIX CG animation work as it is!
The first from the premium finish studio series is the appearance of Bumblebee from the sixth movie "Bumblebee".
A young warrior trusted by Optimus. He has a strict sense of responsibility and at the same time has a cheerful humor.
He hides on Earth at the behest of Optimus from Cybertron and waits for his companion, but fights fiercely with the chase.
He transforms into a Volkswagen (Beetle) on Earth.
The product more faithfully reproduces the colors and textures that match the image, making it fun to reproduce movie scenes.


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Bumblebee main figure (1), Stinger sword (1), Stinger blaster (1), Battle mask (1), Instruction manual (1)
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Takara Tomy Transformers Premium Finish PF SS-01 Bumblebee Japan version